Poblenou Notary

The notary of Poblenou, in the neighbourhood of Sant Martí in Barcelona. Directed by the notary Juan Carlos Alonso, it offers notarial services in both the civil and commercial sectors.

The notary is a public official of the state who must provide citizens with legal certainty that promises the Constitution in its Article 9 in the field of extrajudicial legal affairs. At the same time he is a legal professional practising in a competitive environment. This dual quality guarantees independence.

The notary is a close and impartial professional who helps, advises and ensures that your contract or business is set to the strictest legality. The notary is a guarantee of legitimacy and security for both individuals and for the state.

The notary provides free and impartial advice and tells you the best way to successfully achieve your goals within the framework that complies with civil, commercial, administrative and fiscal law.

It is essential that you go to the notary who you have chosen freely in the first phase of the negotiation. Do not sign any type of private agreement before the public deed without having consulted your notary and have no qualms about expressing your doubts and concerns over any issue relating to the processing of the deed, with taxes, records, etc. If you decide that for now you do not agree or do not want to do what you projected, the notary will not charge you for that consultation.

The notary is obliged to provide legal advice, interpret, configure and authenticate the will of all parties under the law and especially to those most in need of protection (Article 147 of the Notarial Regulations).

As a public official, the notary will adapt any document, statement or action that individuals require to the strictest legality and will verify that the businesses wanted by the parties fulfil the requirements of the law.

Notaries apply a fixed fee established by the government in 1989 and which has not been reviewed since then. The fee is the means by which the notarial function and the system with which preventive legal security is financed is paid.

All notaries in Spain charge the same for the same service. Competition between them is based solely on quality. This ensures access for all citizens, regardless of their income, to preventive legal security services provided by notaries.

Notary fees are only a small part of what you pay at the notary office. Most of the bill is a provision to deal with taxes, registration fees and other expenses that are generated, that the notary pays on behalf of the client.

The notarial bill fully covers the service of extrajudicial public trust: offices, salary of the professional team, civil liability insurance, computerisation, binding and upkeep of the deeds, the maintenance of schools, etc. Only a portion corresponds to the notary fees.

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